WomanCEO Inc. is a financial education created to change a woman's situationship into a relationship with their money.

We carefully plan each roadmap tailored by infusing a level of modern financial practices coupled with spiritual wellness wealth coaching to build a lifetime of abundance.​

Our hands-on approach is organically tailored through workshops, online courses, YouTube channel, podcast, and printable coaching materials, allowing us to reach women who want to strive and live their best life.

WomanCEO, Inc, is inspired by empowering women leaders to build a strong community of creators, visionaries, and entrepreneurs to take back the keys to their kingdom. 

Our Woman C.E.O formula is unique and powerful.

W. Wealth

C. Confidence

E. Empowerment

O. Opportunity 



I believe we are spiritual beings living a human experience. 

We constantly are receiving evidence from the universe. When we are in a state of awareness and live with intention, we notice these signals. They are given to us by the universe to let us know we are on the right path and keep going.

When good people do well, good people do more good in the world!​ 
Give yourself permission to step into the C.E.O of your life and ignite your inner power.

The investment we make today shapes the next generation of woman leaders, igniting wealth, confidence, empowerment, and opportunity through a wellness wealth mindset while making an impact. 

Our mission is to empower women to have unapologetic courageous conversations and build abundance around worldwide.

As your coach, you will master

  • (Self) Confidence

  • Your Infinite Personal Power

  • Transform

  • Manifestation & Affirmation Driven

  • Money Mindset

  • Live in Abundance Vibration

  • Strong Money Habits

  • Wise Financial Decisions

  • Wealth Goal Setting

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"Be the Change you Want to see in the World" - Gandhi



Yasmine Belle

CEO, CFO, Speaker, Podcaster

Financial Relationship Coach,

Writer, Visionary, Philanthropist

Living in Los Angeles, CA, for the last ten years and originally from Marrakech, Morocco. I am fortunate to have lived a multi-cultural lifestyle having a Moroccan father and an American mother.


My superpower is that I am very adaptable, and my parent's influence coupled with speaking fluent in French and Arabic, fueled my compassion for different cultures.


With 22 years, as a tax accountant and chief financial officer of my own accounting firm, I am able to infuse my knowledge into empower women in the financial field.

I am a certified spiritual wellness wealth coach and infuse my coaching practice to support women to step into their infinite power.

Our "WomanCEO" podcast/YouTube channel is inspired for women who want to be the driver of their financial life and take their power back.

My passion is to empower women to live fully and openly, through compassion, humility, kindness, boldness, awareness, intention passion, and purpose.


I am so grateful to have our platform to spread wealth wisdom!



                                                                                                                     Yasmine Belle, CEO/Founder