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Impacting Women Across The Globe

Cheyana Van Dender


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 "I started working with Yasmine as I needed some guidance and confidence at an early stage of building my start-up.

In a few weeks, she helped me build a strong mindset and feel capable.

Yasmine is a compassionate, intuitive coach and has an incredible empathic ability to help others sort through difficult or challenging circumstances.


She helped me define steps, remain focused, and encouraged me to go after my dream. Her coaching has truly been one of the most transformative events for this year.

I will forever be thankful for her support ." Leslie Happi - Zurich, Switzerland

"I truly enjoyed the coaching sessions with Yasmine. I was struggling with limiting beliefs on money matters and launching my first business. I
connected with Yasmine right away. I felt comfortable and safe to open up to her regarding my fears and limitations from past experiences.

Her thought-provoking questions helped me shift my perspective and see things in a different light. She helped me identify my blocks, and I learned to work through them as I reflected on them. She supported me through the entire process, and I felt heard and seen.
She also helped me work through the overwhelm of opening my business by seeing the big picture and prioritizing what is most important for me to take the necessary steps to accomplish my goal.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be coached by her, and I will continue to have sessions with her going forward. I highly recommend her! " Roula Salman - Chicago, Illinois

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"Though I worked for so many years in the IT industry, I never paid attention to my finances. When I was thinking of building my coaching business, I wanted to get a sense of our finances and that's when I approached Yasmine.

She guided me to come up with small steps to look into my finances and budget. She also helped me to uncover my limiting beliefs and unhealthy attitude towards money.
She made me realize that my clients are resourceful enough to work through their finances. That was a huge breakthrough for me in regards to the business mindset.
Thank you so much Yasmine for your gentle yet powerful coaching skills.

I am truly grateful for the money mindset shift I got with your coaching!
Thank you!" Radhika P.  - San Fransisco, CA

"After only a few sessions with Yasmine, I've become more accepting of abundance in my life. I initially asked her to help me understand my relationship with money and I learned so much more about myself that I never would have imagined!


She helped me understand that my view on finances is the same as how I view my real self - a total paradigm shift.

Now I am more grounded in my values, beliefs, and goals!

She is wise, collected, and observant - attributes of a wonderful life and success coach!"

Joan Compos - New Zealand

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