I am happy you stopped by, welcome to my coaching corner.


am Yasmine Belle, a "certified master coach" and through my own journey of limiting beliefs, struggling with "i am not good enough" mindset, and extreme hold (control), being a people pleaser (operating from an empty cup), I always found myself pulled in trying to seek answers. And I grew to notice  by asking one fundamental question at every turn "why", it would help shine light in my dark night of my soul.

"Why do I feel limited in these beliefs, why do I feel the need to control so deeply, why do I not feel good enough", and the questions goes on as I reflected these main holds in my journal.


You see, if we don't face these drops of poison within our being, we will run from them our entire life, not to mention the abundance we might have missed because the poison is what keeps us small from actually being and living through our innate personal power.

What I didn't realize is that I was living with my fist closed instead of my palm open, blocking for blessings to come my way, and therefore not ready for me to receive those blessings, even if I wanted them. (self-sabotage)


Do you remember last time a blessing came your way, but you were not ready to receive it? We have all been there.


This is the main reason I began the journey of coaching, because I wanted to heal myself, I wanted to live abundantly, I wanted my blessings, I wanted to feel connected to my deepest self, passion and desires, I was ultimately seeking for joy and inner peace.


I studied for years along the sides of my mentors and thought leaders such as Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Oprah, and recently Jay Shetty whom I have had to pleasure and honor of being coached by his wisdom and became certified by his teachings.


You see, my journey started as a curiosity, and became of my most prized possessions, "my wisdom".


My wounds, became scars, and now, I am a woman c.e.o. who has come to blossom. WomanCEO, Inc., was created with intention and purpose, as it is a direct extension of my expression, empowering women and men to find their truth, by providing practical strategies, tools and techniques while rising to a higher power.


When the student is ready, the teacher will appear...  Are you ready beautiful soul to take on this journey with me by your side? 


Together, I will help you master an array of practices, and my specialties are the ones that personally overcome which I share with you below:

  • Self-Confidence 

  • Embody your True Infinite Power

  • Transform

  • Manifest / Visualize

  • Affirmation / Mantra / Incantations

  • (Money) Mindset

  • Connect to an Abundance Vibration

  • Build Strong (Money) Habits

  • Trust and Make Wise (Financial) Decisions

  • Wealth Goal Setting

  • Master the Art of Receiving

  • Remove Internal Blocks / Limiting Beliefs

  • Raise your Standards

  • Establish Healthy Boundaries 

Invest in yourself as you are your longest commitment. 

Stretch your mind... and allow yourself to feel inner peace.


Find your truth... set yourself free from the ties that bind


Let's connect through a complimentary discovery call. We will discuss your goals, and you get a feeling of my coaching style, which is a "result based coaching".

If you are new to coaching, and would like to get your feet wet, do not hesitate to book a one-on-one coaching session after we have established our complimentary discovery call above.

We have packages offering three (3), six (6), and twelve (12) month, organically tailored to meet your goals.
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