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The MoneyFester™ Method

The Moneyfester™ is a holistic wealth creation coaching method created by Yasmine Belle connecting the four (4) main elements: physical, emotional, mental, and consciounesscreating a lifetime of abundance and wealth.

A holistic approach means thinking about the big picture from a mindset of infinite choices and possibility, deeply connecting to your awareness while paying close attention to how the physical, emotional, mental and conscious aspects work together to make an incredible difference to your business and personal financial life.

 This is about opening to the choice of new possibilities and to the question of what can get created instead of the conclusion of what should be created.

Your financial life is a central part of your life and means of living, and therefore your wealth creation must be an integral part of it. 

Surprisingly, the number one reason many people never create wealth through their business is simply that they have never consciously and deliberately chosen to create it. They operate their business without ever intentionally choosing to be wealthy. This is one of the key reasons many new businesses never make it beyond the initial levels of business development before they run out of resources. The business owners are not in charge of their money. And yet, if you ask them, they’ll say that creating wealth is one of the reasons they created the business.

With true wealth, you have the freedom of choice to pursue your priorities, to be who you really are, to have real autonomy to do what you desire and to be able to live the life that you choose.

A Holistic Approach


Individual Moneyfester™ Courses 

The four pillars of Moneyfestation™ Course



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