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Living in Los Angeles, CA, for the last ten years and originally from Marrakech, Morocco. I am fortunate to have lived a multi-cultural lifestyle having a Moroccan father and an American mother.
My parent's influence, coupled with speaking fluent in French and Arabic, fueled my compassion for different cultures.

I have been running Belle Capital Management, Inc., a full-charge accounting practice in Los Angeles, CA, for the last two decades. My accounting and tax background allowed me to evolve into a "Money Advisor" geared towards women who seek to be in the driver's seat of their finances, through workshops, seminars, public speaking, and one-on-one personal financial planning. 

My financial struggles allowed me to have a courageous unapologetic conversation with myself and bring forth my wins and losses.  
I can openly stand before you as an example that anyone can change their situationship into a relationship with their money.

The more I mentored, which is a hands-on approach and diving deep into financial literacy, I knew there was one more missing piece to the puzzle.

Yes, this is all great - fine and dandy that I was "catching my clients a fish" - but who was teaching them "to fish"?

I firmly believe that once we establish healthy boundaries around money, create a sustainable and growth mindset approach, we change personally, and so does our bank account. It is a ripple effect!
I carry an obsession with neuroscience, neurobiology, and quantum physics (yes, I am a nerd). I found myself rediscovering parts of me that I never knew existed. 

I always followed the spiritual path and energy work personally. (As spirit-rituals is crucial to our wellbeing)

Now, I have the incredible ability to infuse this into my work and change lives and impact the masses.

Hence I became a Certified Spiritual Wellness Wealth & Money Mindset Coach - (say that three times) - AKA - Spiritual Money Coach!

WomanCEO, Inc., infuses a modern financial education coupled with wealth coaching.

​I have the privilege of working with incredible men and women who are movers and shakers making bold moves and proudly standing united.

The journey of my nerdy self (accounting/tax & finance major) led me today to my passion and purpose, to send light to humanity through abundance.

I believe we all have a light, and I healed the "girl", and the "woman" appeared before you today.

I hope to have the incredible honor of supporting you, as together, we can go far.


- Yasmine Belle - CEO/FOUNDER

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