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Yasmine Belle, CEO and Founder 

Hi friends! 

I deeply appreciate people's conscious zest for life, passion, freedom, and community.

I, too, am passionate about living out my life's highest purpose and embodying the freedom that comes from tapping into that abundance.


As a mentor, my passion is building wealth creation systems focused on money management. Whether it's a system of money mindset, US taxation, investments, or personal or financial business expansion, I am savvy for seeing the bigger picture of your goals, vision, and reverse engineering, making this process the most efficient and sustainable path forward for long-term success.


I carry over 25+ years in the financial sector; I am a licensed accountant in the state of CA, and I blended my focus as a certified master coach igniting your innate personal C.E.O. while infusing financial literacy.

Through my personal growth and unleashing my full potential, I discovered that life coaching was essential to my well-being, truth, transcendence, and transformation. WomanCEO, Inc™ was birthed by the investment and commitment to helping the masses impact everyday lives, creating a ripple effect. 

I am the founder of Belle Capital Management, Inc, a full-charge accounting and tax firm in Los Angeles, California, and I run my coaching company in Tulum, Mexico, where I am fortunate to have a bit of both culturally diverse worlds igniting my creativity and tapping into my prosperity which I teach in my mentorship containers.

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