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The MoneyFester™ - EMOTION

Do not look for healing at the feet of those who broke you - Rupi Kaur.

FEEL to HEAL - Your Money Honey

A deep energetic process of healing your money story, moving from scarcity to abundance.
Embodying and feeling safety and security is the root of our foundation with money which will lead to receiving fully what is meant for you and the attitude and aptitude to prosper and create a lifetime of wealth and abundance.

Inner Expansion Leads to Prosperity

Focused on expansion and being comfortable with personal and business growth.
We will identify the key wealth and prosperity concepts which leads to magnetism.

Tap into your energy to receive your energetic match through the laws of attraction.
Manifest your wildest dreams and know with certainty that everything that is meant for you is yours.
The Universe is your Sugar Daddy! 
Time to cash in your blessings!

Those who don't believe in magic, will never find it - Roald Dahl

Unleash Passion

Passion is an emotional reason, a driving force within you. 
By establishing core values, passion helps you set a solid foundation for yourself and your business.
Passion gives you the motivation and confidence to deliver your mission and purpose for what you want and why you want to do it.
Passion helps you network with the right people who share similar perspectives.

Cultivating Abundance

Gratitude is not putting a happy face on our money woes - that's denial.

Gratitude focuses on what's working well as a foundation for creating more abundance.

We focus on a deep connection to self, what is currently working for us, and the joy that comes from those elements.

We build an abundance from within, expanding energetically as we align with our truest authentic selves.

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