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The MoneyFester™ - CONSCIOUS

Live a life worth writing poetry about - Adam Roa


Being conscious is a way of life; it allows us to understand things from multiple perspectives. It frees us from our assumption biases. It helps us build better relationships and gives us the ability to regulate our emotions.
Understanding your strengths and weaknesses is vital to moving forward with clarity of vision and mind.
We cannot change what we are not 
aware of.
And change begins with you.



Becoming intentional can help you maintain a positive mindset, reach goals, experience more clarity, and live more in the present moment.
Studies have shown that it can also increase our focus and commitment and bring more purpose and meaning into our lives.


Purpose / Impact

Know your why!!
Having a purpose in life is an essential pillar of your dharma - it focuses on why you set out to do to create an impact.
We focus on purpose and impact to allow you to channel your inner discovery interest and values, to support and create a sustainable, prosperous, and successful internal expansion and business growth.


Image by Jared Rice


Destined to live a big Life

An inevitable or irresistible succession of events determined by passion, impact, and intention. The greatness that comes to you in life is based on how well you navigate your karma and dharma through free will to live out life's purpose. Destiny unfolds when you learn the lessons from karma and use all your life experiences to support your life's purpose, especially the negative, painful, and challenging lessons. Boldly shaping your destiny comes from discipline, consistency, gratitude, self-awareness, and aligning to your highest path. Destiny will bring your most significant vision, service, and prosperity to life because it is the most fulfilling path you'll ever walk.

Live a full Life Awake and Create your Destiny!


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