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How self-love changed my situationship with my money.

I am bringing the intention into self-love - a word used so loosely these days, but have we even mastered Self-Love? What is self-love? Is it relative to each of us?

When I spoke to a friend of mine and said to her, this is self-love, she replied, self-love leads to selfishness? Is it, though?

Selfishness, to me, is doing something for yourself despite others in a negative tone. Self-love is when you honor yourself first and honor other people in higher conciseness of self.

Today, we peel the layers on Self-love. This episode is incredibly personal because once I learned how to "self-love," my whole relationship with money changed.

That is right, ladies, my entire view of money changed, as well as my bank account - Sounds strange? Not at all!

From my personal experience, I can tell you that self-love significantly impacted my life for the better. Once I started to value who I was as a whole, I began to appreciate my money, which was a game-changer!

Le's break down self-love into three parts:

  1. First comes Inner Self Love

  2. Second, comes Outer Self Love

  3. Third comes Other Self-love

Inner Self Love - is the Mind /Thinking

  • I like to refer to inner self-love as your core-shell -

    • How you speak to yourself

    • Your Inner voice

  • When you Meditate - what comes up? Those thoughts are your core-shell

Do not worry; I have you covered on how to begin to master inner self-love

  • Breath, slow down

  • Ask yourself what pushes you forward another day

  • Who you are and the highest expression.

  • Your wholeness knows who I am.

  • The key to self-love is to stay in your light - You have to be the warrior of your light

  • Your inner intention - Is your inner self-love and is your highest vibration

  • Don't be afraid to grow into yourself to be your best self.

I begin to arm myself with tools as I went through challenges in life. I am started attending Tony Robbins seminars and found myself talking to the universe for the answers, which allowed me to tap into my spiritual side.

I read books and had the best spiritual teaches, such as Esther Hicks, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Dispenza.

This journey led me to get to the root of my fundamental core values and spiritually practice the presence I have with my inner intuition. This inner intuition is my inner voice - How it speaks to me.

Our brains cause this chemical to make shit happen.

Therefore, our thoughts and beliefs play a significant role in our lives, leading to positive or negative outcomes.

You have heard the saying what you seek is seeking you? We cannot have a negative mind and have a positive life. You can either be sad or grateful - you cannot be both.

I practice gratitude every single day - without fail. Why? Because I committed myself that no matter how hard things in my world are: I will never let my inner self get defeated by the outside world. And I will always be grateful for everything in my life, good or bad.

The not-so-good things, I embrace it, call upon the universe to give me strength, and I look at it from a lesson - What have I learned from this experience, and how can I be better next go around.

This practice also leads me to never live with regret.

A friend asked recently, what is your biggest regret in life?

I said very confidently - Nothing.

I don't look at life that way. I am the maker of my life. Therefore every decision I make comes from a place of intention. And when I make decisions, it's intentional. Consequently, I live without regret - Now, that is not saying that all my choices were 100% successful and cheerful. Still, my success lies in the lessons I have learned because they shaped me and who I am today. And for that, I am incredibly grateful.

  • Questions to reflect on and journal:

    • What are your core principles?

    • What are your non-negotiables?

    • What are your fundamental core values?

Outer Self Love is the Doing - Body

  • It is your outer shell.

  • How are you viewed? And are those values being shined through and aligned with your true inner self?

  • How do you show up for yourself and others -

  • How you take care of yourself, - How you dress

  • How you do your hair/ makeup

  • Your energy plays a significant role in how you are perceived. When we look at the Law of motion, which is the action we take, we oppose everything we do. Then we can see things from a birds-eye view and how everything correlates with each other.

  • If your energy is off - then you are not inflow. Then, you would be out of order or out of sync with your true self. And out of sync with the flow of following your dreams.

  • The purpose of life is the sync up and align yourself with it that dream/ with the full life you want to live.

  • When you sync up with life, you show up, and things that you never dreamed of will show up.

We all have some pain or trauma that we have experienced in life, whether from a young age or adult, and this pain or trauma can use it as your fuel.

Shift out of victim hood - telling yourself why is this happening to me? Instead, look at the situation as "this is happening for me, not to me."

What are the lessons or blessings in this situation?

The aim is not to let fear cripple you but to use that to fuel your body into doing and taking action. And step into the space of uncertainty - During uncertain times, anything is possible - You are the architect of your life - no one else is.

Lastly, there is "Other Self-Love," which is everything around you and your environment.

  • Your relationship you have with others

  • How is your environment affecting your thoughts, beliefs, life, love

    • your environment could be a workplace, home, routine, or anything that has to do with outside factors.

  • One of the most self-loving practices we can do for ourselves and others is to serve - so find a way to help - Volunteer - and give back.

  • Martin Luther King's said - Not everyone can be famous, but everyone can be great, as you can serve by being great?

  • Service is something greater than yourself - and even if it is something little.

  • Because a little something can be everything to someone that has nothing.

  • So pay attention to the universe - The universe is happening for you, not to you.

  • Grow yourself into the best version of yourself.

  • Oprah mentioned in one of her speeches; she said: Surround yourself with people that will fill your cup, until it flows over, and when people say to you, you are so full of yourself, you say:

  • YEESSSSS, I am... my cup is over.

  • When it is over, you can give to others and surround yourself with gallon-size people who can hold it with you.

  • The quality of life depends on the relationships we have with others - so choose wisely who is in your circle and who you surround yourself with.

So take inventory of your environment and reflect and write on this question:

  • How is your environment affecting your thoughts, beliefs, life, love, and relationships

Practice self-love, and pay close attention not only to your relationship with money change but, more importantly, your relationship with yourself.

These practices need to be intentional, meaningful, and purpose full. We all want to live a whole life - So this is my secret sauce how I turned my situation with money into a relationship.

Take an audit of your life - Your inner self - Outer Self and Other self - Scale from 1 to 10 - and rate it by fulfillment.

  • This practice will help you identify where you are at and where you would like to be.

  • Next, write down one small step -that you can take today to ignite your self-love to a more fulfilled you.

  • Who are you at your highest expression? And what does that look like to you? Dive into the feeling of it.

I am a deep thinker and journal note-taker, so grab your journal, a pen, a glass of wine, and cozy up next to a candle with a fluffy blanket.

Now reflect, and embark on your self-love journey and be the game-changer -

If you are an overachiever and want to take your authentic self to a higher level - ask yourself these fundamental key money questions:

I call this The "values circle - It's not about the money, but what money represents in our lives.

  • Being raised differently when it came to money

  • We value money differently

  • We spend money differently.

  1. Write down and answer these questions until you have about five Values:

    1. What is important to you?

    2. What's the purpose of money in your life?

In the age of information, knowledge is a choice, so choose wisely who you are and how you want to show up.


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