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3 Success Habits to Finding Inner-Peace!

Hi everyone, have you ever been in a position where you have set a bar so high on your expectation that you couldn’t meet them? And then Felt really guilty or super down because you didn’t achieve those goals set for yourself?

Well, I am sharing with you 3 success habits of finding inner peace, that involves keeping promises to yourself and achieving your target goals, so you never feel guilty

or get down on yourself again.

Why is finding inner peace so important? I can tell you from experience, if we don't have inner peace, you are living someone else's life and not living your authentic journey. Inner peace brings inner power, which brings freedom to our soul allowing for better decisions to be made, operating from an anchored space, not to mention that when our body is at peace, it fights diseases faster, as it is in the state of flow and keeps us healthy.

Most importantly, inner peace is our personal power. Inner peace is a feeling of joy, surrender, calm, a grounding feeling. A feeling that you can conquer anything that comes your way, without falling apart or reacting to outside energies. I personally call inner peace, my inner kingdom. I do not give my power away to anyone, or let anything affect my inner peace, because if I do, then I would be in reactive mode, which means I am reacting based on outside forces, instead of my inner power. Remember, You are the only person that holds the keys to your kingdom.

So, where does inner peace come from, and how do we master it? During these trying pandemic times, I am sharing with you my three top-success habits for building inner peace.

The first successful habit of inner peace is: Trusting yourself

Mastering inner peace starts by trusting ourselves. For instance: Have you ever ask a friend for a favor or a friend said something to you that they would do, and didn't deliver on their promise? Did you stop trusting them right? Your trust in them diminished a bit.

Have you ever made a promise to yourself that you didn't keep?

Why are we so quick to say to ourselves, oh I cannot trust this friend, because they didn’t come through when they said they would when we constantly do it to ourselves all the time. Keeping promises to ourselves will turn into trust, and If you are an over-achiever you probably made plenty of promises to yourself, and promises come in all shapes and forms.

For example, ever placed an expectation on yourself that you couldn't deliver because you overextended yourself, but because it is you - well you didn't follow through and didn't hold yourself accountable? When we set high expectations, that do not get met, we start to lose that trust in ourselves. To re-start trusting ourselves, we need to start by making small promises to ourselves.

For instance, it could be as simple as, "every morning I will make my bed, and you must keep that promise.

And so what happens is over time, you're going to start developing this trust within yourself.

Then, once you have mastered making your bed, and it becomes part of your routine and it is a kept promise made to yourself.

Then, you build on that, and you stack another promise you will keep for yourself - It is important to also know why you want to make your bed or build a blog?

Right! so I like to make my bed every morning, because it allows me to keep my room neat, and also removes any clutter, and allows my thoughts and energy to flow better.

What does trusting yourself mean to you?

What promises can you make today to turn that trust into inner peace?

At the end of the day, you are your longest commitment and should invest in your inner peace.

My Second successful habit of finding inner peace is to ask the right questions.

Asking the right questions is a large part of trusting ourselves when we ask questions.

And we tend to ask more questions to others than to ourselves.

For instance, you jumped into a new relationship, and you are not sure if you vibe deeply with your person, so you turn to a friend, and the first thing we say, is, Oh my gosh. what do you think I should do? should I stay or should I go? Ever done that before?

Well, you are the only one that can deeply answer that for yourself, your friend is not living your relationship.

We are oftentimes seeking truth somewhere else when the truth is really in us.

We are the ones who need to ask questions to ourselves. If we stop to ask ourselves the question, "what do I want to do"? What feels good to me?

How does this person compliment my life?

I think so often we're so busy asking other people questions, that we don't stop to ask what we want for ourselves, so I think that's, the challenge in our life, to find inner power,

we must ask ourselves the right questions and stop asking people what they think we should do. We tend to ask the wrong question to the right people, and the right question to the wrong people.

Remember, nobody's going to live your life. Nobody's going to like to be you.

However, it's okay to ask for advice, and if you are doing to do so, ask the question once you've already made your decision, so you are not swayed into something that you were unsure of.

When making a decision, I ask key questions. I see how it feels in my body. Am I okay with it?

How your body feels, right now. I am always searching for alignment in my mind, body, and spirit. And so I sit with it and then I go and ask a friend, okay, I'm making a decision... here it is...I do like asking my friend for advice in case I missed a blind spot, but I am cautious about who I am asking.

Surrounding yourself with people that support your best interest is critical to your success.

There is the saying of you are the average of the top 5 people you surround yourself with.

So, let's turn it back inwards, so why is it okay to lose trust in ourselves by not following through with what we are set out to do? After all, aren't we the architects of our own life? So, next time, remember to make promises to yourself that you can keep, and set realistic goals and expectations for yourself.

The third success habit of finding inner peace is to challenge yourself at the next level of your expertise.

For instance, I am a Tax Accountant and have been for over 20 years, my current accounting practice is jumping into the busy season, year-end, and tax planning phase. Now challenging myself would be making tax videos for my clients, maybe even speaking at live company events for my business to help people with their tax planning and savings need. My challenge would be to take my hard skill knowledge and share it with my community to allow them to apply those tools to get ahead in life financially.

That is truly pushing yourself. When you know if feel uncomfortable, but you still push through it, to be great.

Picking one thing that you excel in and mastering it fully. Now challenge yourself on that level.

Push yourself from the standpoint of a skill that you already know, and are good at it, then master it!

Everything in life that is worth fighting for demands, practice, showing up, and consistency.

So Challenge yourself.

These three practices combined bring inner power. So inner power lies with trusting ourselves by building small promises we keep, asking key questions to ourselves before we seek advice from others, and lastly challenging ourselves by moving the needle towards the things you love and mastering it.

Now grab the keys to your kingdom and find your inner peace.

Habits = Mastery, so do something every day that scares you.

I will leave you with Jim Rohn Famous quote: he said: If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary."

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