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How to Ignite your Soul's Connection & Energy Flow

Quote: “Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” __ Lao Tzu

Have you taken notice lately, if you are flowing resisting with life?

We are often not aware we are in the space of resistance, which blocks us from the abundance of energy the universe has in store for us.

Most of us operate from our limiting beliefs or our tunnel-vision view. We have a hard time opening up to the possibility that there is more because we are so focused on our current situation. But we forget there is a big world out there, and as much as we able to live life fully, it is impossible to experience all the wonders of the world.

When we disconnect from our authentic self, we live in soul-sickness. The misalignment of our body, mind and spirit.

In today's society, we have been conditioned to replaced our ability to think for ourselves that we don't take enough time to reconnect and listen to our intuition.

When we take moments to listen to our body, our soul and trust ourselves deeply, we connect with our soul - our true essence.

When we tap into that place of truth, we feel joy and euphoric happiness while experiencing the effervescent moments that take our breath away.

Our world is even more disconnected from each other now than ever before.

In an era of technology, we have been programmed to obsess with the outside world - And the Ohs of life.

Oh, he is doing this; I must to do it too.

Oh, she bought this new car, oh I absolutely need to.

Oh, she has blond hair; I am changing my hair to that color.

How can we live for an outside world, for more likes, for more followers?

Each time, we seek outside validation of sorts, we loose a small part of ourselves.

There is nothing more attractive than meeting a person with depth and having a deep conversations until you realize the sun is rising—you both lost time in conversation that took you to another dimension of curiosity. Those are the moments that take your breath away, those experiences fuel the soul to i's deepest degree of connection.

But how can we experience those conversation with when we are so busy losing ourselves in social media, filtered pictures, online videos.

The more we spend time on what is outside of us, the more we lose a small part of who we are.

A small piece of integrity, our values, and our principles are chipped away because we have become consumers of the outside world.

I would invite you to take an audit of your life and ask yourself, can you be alone with your thoughts for a couple hours and actually enjoy it?

What do you practice as part of your daily routine that fuels your soul?

We are so busy chasing the next shinny thing: new cars, men, women, or even money that we don't even ask ourselves what truly makes us happy.

What does joy represent in our lives?

What relationships do we have?

What connections aspire us to search for?

"The most beautiful things in life are free" - A smile, the voice of a loved one, even if far away in what seems another lifetime, holding of hands, a sunrise or sunset... the sky at dusk (my favorite time of day).

To live in abundance, we have to feel abundant. And it start with appreciating all that is around you.

And tapping into our 6 senses.

What are the smells around you? Flowers? Ocean? Mountains?

What does your space sound like? Winds? Trees?

What do you see around you which you can appreciate?

Most of the spiritual teachers suggest that when we are in nature, we connect to truest forms.

If we are not moved by the beauty around us, and we don't take time to appreciate what is free, then are we living a fully abundant soulful life? Is your soul truly free?

Are we too busy chasing success that we forget to chase dreams which are fuels our intention and purpose?

How is your energy connecting with your soul?

Are you overthinking and constantly worried? If you are, then your mind is in control of your life.

These are my inner practices to find inner inner peace daily:

Meditation has been an escape and a practice that is non-negotiable for me because in a world where everything seems disconnected, I must honor my soul to reconnect with my inner peace.

I journal and reflect every day on how my values are aligned with my true self.

I give myself the space to ask if today's choices align with my values and principles?

I reflect with kindness and openness to deeply allow these questions to be asked:

  1. Did a situation arise today where I didn't feel an alignment with my values?

  2. And if I did live today with intention and purpose through my values.

  3. Am I creating my life, based on my principles and values?

What are some of your values?

What principles do you live by? What are your non negotiable?

What soul relationships do you carry which are most precious?

How are you allowing yourself to be your best self and be aligned with your values?

Is your life built around your values?

Life is meant to be celebrated, not just lived - Oscar Wilde said it best "To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist."

When we live with our true north, we allow ourselves to live in inner peace. We also live from a place of peace, calm, authenticity. We allow the flow of life and remember we play a small but important role in everyday life.

Most of us do not carry inner peace. We are so worried about money, relationships, the next move, the bigger house. That actually only gives us a moment of gratification when we do obtain it, and we are onto the next big shinny object.

What is inner peace anyways? Was there ever a moment in your life that you have felt inner peace?

Look at a child when they play; they are so innocent, joyful, happy, care-free of the world around them.

But as adults, we manage to carry the world way on our shoulders instead of living with the world with purpose, intention, and flow.

If we live in gratitude, there is no room for fear. We must make the conscious decision that our soul is not for sale.

In a world with current confinement and human connection disallowed, we are left only with ourselves, our thoughts, habits, and beliefs. We are too busy negotiating, then actually living.

So what relationship do you have with yourself, and have you built a life around your values?

Let's embrace and flow with this time that was given to us to reconnect with our most authentic self, the child in us.

Let's get to know ourselves a little deeper, so we can become adaptable to life's pivots and be free of discontent.

And embrace any pain or sadness that might arise from our past. Step into the past to heal our soul, and allow the light to shine. "Heal the girl, and the woman will appear."

When we connect with our souls, we are free from any outside conditions that pain us.

So take a moment, connect with yourself, get lost in nature for a moment until you return back to your spirit. Allow the flow of life to energize you, and notice any resistance or limiting beliefs come up. Be kind and gentle with yourself and allow to live in the moment of gratitude and peace.

All the answers you seek are already inside you.

Honor your soul to experience inner peace and live for the moments take your break away.


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