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Time is Money! How to use our energy for our optimal Benefit!

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Hi everyone, thank you for joining our podcast as Today’s topic is fascinating episode, as

We discovers” how time is money, and how to use our energy for our optimal benefit.

First I would like to ask you: What is time costing you?

What if I told you that you could be waisting money by not using your time wisely? 

Would you change your ways?

Have you ever heard the phrase  “Time is Money? 

Well time is our most valuable resource and according to the motivational speaker Tony Robbins, he said "the worst investment is to trade your time for money! Why? 

Because you can always earn more money. You can never earn more time."

So how are we spending our time? 

Are we spending our time wisely for our optimal benefit? 

If you are you currently feeling lack of focus, or reduction of energy, possibly even feeling a bit distracted or unfocused? 

Not moving in the direction you want? 

Un-discipline and overthinking?

We have all been in that funky energy, where we feel as we are on a hamster wheel. 

I decided to take the bull by its horns, and researched the best technique, to reduce this unproductive energy from creeping in. 

I applied some techniques to my own life that I would like to share with you today.

One of the best technique to shift your funky energy, is to remember what do you want out of life… That simple! 

What do you want out of life is “your DRIVE!” What keeps you going”.

Once you answered this question: What do you want out of life”, write it on a few sticky note, and place it in front where you can read it everyday! For instance, you can place it In your bathroom mirror, in your car, in your wallet, by your nightstand. 

My “What do I want out of life” sticky notes are placed strategically where I can see them in the morning, so that I am able to  jump kicks my day aligning myself with my purpose.

One you have completed that, and still feel emotionally/mentally stuck, and can’t seem to shake off whatever is bothering you.

Try to follow this framework, to help you get clear what you are seeking regardless of the obstacle you are facing, especially during our current conditions where everything seems to be uncertain.

Grab a notebook or journal and write down the following framework to success: 

  1. Values: What is important about what I want?

  2. Vision: What do I really want?

  3. Methods: How can I get what I want?

  4. Obstacles: What is preventing me from achieving what I want? 

  5. Measurements: How do I measure if I’m succeeding in what I want?

You can use this method to really iron out any issues your mind has decided to create, and spend some time on it, take your time analyzing the things that are most important to you.  

Finding truth in our purpose brings an abundance of joy and peace to our inner self.

It is worth taking time for - You are worth taking time for.

As much as we want to do everything, in life, especially if we would classify ourselves as high-achievers, it is not possible to do everything. 

I learned this the hard way. In fact there was a study done, that showed that multi-tasking was actually not beneficial to and focusing on task at a time, actually was more productive.

Therefore choosing 1 - Only 1 thing that you value most! And focus on that first.

I choose 1 large goal/vision per year and mini-goals/visions ever month and focus on that for 30 days, and do not move to the next until I have completed my min-goal. 

This allows me to stay focused and disciplined through my months and year as well as limits me from feeling overwhelmed on over-piling on tasks.

The questions for you, is WHAT DO YOU VALUE - Not how long it will take you, or well if I do this little task and get it out of the way I can focus on something else… no… 

What do you VALUE? Write it down.

The key to success is to focus on what you value because that is where your energy will be most productive, and rewarding. In tern, you  will be happier because you are working on the things you love most.

Another very highlight effective technique is getting to know your body so that you can use it to your optimal focus attention. 

Deepening and tuning into your body will also allow you to ignite your 6 sense, which is our intuition. You know the gut feeling in the pit of our stomach when something tells you… “I smell something fishy here” Well, that is our intuition.

When working on our your life’s mission, we want to master the energy that is most optimal for us.

And based on your body rhythm, we can identify when is the best time to tackle Analytical and Insight tasks, by calculating your sleep patterns.  

The exercise is simple, all you have to do is write down on a piece of paper what time you sleep and what time you wake up. 

Then find your mid-point…. Super simple right!

For instance, I sleep around 10pm and wake up at 6am, everyday, even on weekends, so my mind-point would be 2am. 

So, Write down your mid-point. 

So your time affects your energy and optimal flow - Self awareness is most impactful, so get intoned with your body, intuition and focus on present tasks on hand.

Here are the main framework to follow:

If your mid-point falls between the hours of 

12-3 you are a lark - 14%

3-6 you are a 3rd bird - 65%

6-9 you are an owl - 21%

Analytical Tasks: / Important Decisions

In terms of doing tasks that are analytical (meaning higher numbers, project management, technical things) / Structural

12-3 you are a lark - Early Morning

3-6 you are a 3rd bird -  Early to Mid-Morning

6-9 you are an owl - Early to Late Afternoon

Insight Tasks:  Creative / Spark

Impression / Connect / Social Network

12-3 you are a lark - late afternoon / early evening

3-6 you are a 3rd bird -  late afternoon / early evening

6-9 you are an owl - morning 

Focus / Physical / Emotional / Spiritual

These are the most optimal hours / so that you can be productive and stay focused. 

Most of us, use our prime time on menial tasks - Do not get swept away on tasks that drain our energy.

Focus on the new practice for one week, and see how you feel.

During the weekdays, because I am a lark, my schedule has been structured this way: 

I work from 8:00am-1pm on deep work - analytical tasks - I am an accountant, so this is where I put my energy into -numbers.

Then 2-4/5 pm, I usually jump on some business calls, creative work, and social networking.

After 5pm, my energy is absolutely drained, So I will be no good to no one if I have a business call, or tackle creative work.

However, this is my optimal time to catch up with my friends and family.

Once you know which energy field you are, a lark, 3rd bird or owl, you can really structure your life around being your most productive self. 

A great book who has inspired me from Daniel H. Pink / “When”? Which is the scientific secrets of perfect timing. 

And I found this revelation incredible, because like all things, I am an avid reader, and LOVE LOVE LOVE to put things to the test! So here I am… Week 3 and counting of really optimizing my energy so that I am most productive… and WOW it has been incredible by adjusting when the optimal times are. So you see Time is money! And how you spend your time can really impact you in a big way. 

Because energy is time, so the less time you spend your high-peak energy on mundane tasks, the sooner you will realize how your energy flow will be so rewarding and a time-saver.

Nothing Changes if you don’t change.

“It’s not about the cards you’re dealt, but how you play the hand.” ― Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

So use your time wisely and create a structure that fits your lifestyle best, to live at your optimal energy level.

I hope you found this episode to be productive and would love to hear your thoughts on when you apply this practice. Thank you again for letting me share my voice with you. 

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