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How to set an intention and build wealth - New moon energy

Quote of the day:

The intention to live as long as possible isn't one of the mind's best intentions because quantity isn't the same as quality - Deepak Chopra

In today's new moon, a perfect day to set your intention on what you would like to manifest and lean into your power.

One of the most powerful tools carried in our toolkit is the power of intention because almost everything starts with intention.

Intention, does not dissipate or disappear; they create a ripple effect as they grow and expand because the energy of thought and action is powerful.

The intention is the starting point of every dream. It is the creative power that fulfills all of our needs, whether for money, relationships, spiritual awakening, or love.

Intentions are the gateway to our soul's desires, wants, and needs. They are the paved roads meant for us to live out our purpose.

Often are so busy doing life, forget to stop and ask ourselves:

what is my intention for the day?

How do I want to show up today for myself and others?

How can I support myself to allow my intention to come forth and bring me peace and harmony?

We are so busy making a to-do list that we don't take the time to make a to-be list.

We are born with the same ability to step into the power of intention to manifest our attention into action.

One of the best time to start new intentions is during a new moon cycle.

A perfect time to connect with our intuition and listen to our soul's voice.

What is it trying to tell you that you may have been ignoring?

Here are 5 steps to mastering an intention

1. create a space of mental silence and peace - remove all the noise.

Having a peaceful relationship with your soul is priceless. We are our longest commitment and decide how we speak, show up, and align intentions and live out our purpose.

It is then and only then that we will live in harmony and peace.

We all have so much inner chatter - inner noise - ask yourself is it supporting you for your higher self? Is it positively serving you?

One of the most powerful practices to set an intention is first to quiet your mind. Let your mind take you beyond the ego-mind into silence and stillness of pure consciousness.

This is a particular ideal space to be for planting a seed of intention.

2. Set it, and leave it

After being clear on your intention and understanding, you're why - Why you picked this particular intention.

Let it go.

This typically can be done right after you finish meditating or journaling, but be sure always to channel your power of intention from calm, cool, and collected space. Space is free of inner chatter.

Practice this every morning, each morning when you wake up, right after your meditation or reflection, empower your intention. Continue this process each day for a few minutes.

3. Remain in the space of awareness

The most powerful intentions manifested is when we can focus on our intent:

not by asking for it, because you would be coming from a place of need (which is a space of lack)

Intent must be influenced by within, embodying that intention you have set forth for yourself.

4. Remove expectations from the outcome.

Surrender the results of your intention and live in harmony and peace with the wisdom of uncertainty.

Anytime we expect an outcome to be exactly this or that way, we are in a space of attachment - and this space is based on fear and insecurity.

When we re-shift our minds - our soul begins to live in energy space of flow as we relinquish the resistance.

Being in a state of flow and living with the belief of "life is happening for you, not to you", will allow opportunities to come your way bigger, than the intention you had set for yourself.

Because you are working with the universe's energy flow, not against it, in other words, you are not swimming upstream, which can get exhausting.

I invite you to embrace this practice from changing your outcome from expectations/or attachment to appreciation.

5. Trust the universe to handle the details

Being caught up in creating every little detail, we can tend to fall into the obsessive vigilance of"this is the only way to get things done".

This space can be troublesome, because we may be showing up blinders on, which is disservice, because we cannot see what is around us.

Trust the universe's power of motion to fulfill your desired intention.

Let it work organically, unfold and try not to force it. This is where the magic happens; it is similar to planting a seed and watching it grow.

Practice Exercise:

I invite you to plant your seed and set your intention by starting with these key question:

  • What intention would I like to bring to light

  • why am I choosing this particle intent

  • how will this serve me for my higher self

  • and what will this bring to my life and others?

By practicing your intention daily, it will allow you to practice your intention enough to build a habit. Set your intent with the new moon energy flow for alignment with the universe

this will help manifest your intention on what you desire most.

Today's new moon's intention, I choose courage coupled with strength - I intentionally chose these two because I feel interweaved with each other.

Courage - give me the will to step into my purpose through intention, especially when comfort wants to step in.

To hold courage and step into the unknown, trusting myself that i will get through it. -

This is what courage represents for me.

Strength - shows up when I am faced with a delay, a re-shift, or a defeat - it is then more than ever that my strength plays a role in continuing and letting my spiritual compass guide me.

It reminds me of the fork in the road we may face; the easy road is not always the best.

Now practice the power of intention on a new moon - write it down on a piece of paper and say it aloud.

I encourage you connect with your closest tribe, and create a safe space to share your intentions, to support and grow.

Allowing for this space to be created is energy flow at its best.

Walking up each morning, with an intention in mind allows for discovering our most authentic self and tap into the deepest parts of us.

Sometimes, we may encounter your shadow, which I encourage you to approach with love and kindness. Take it day by day, journal, meditate, walk in nature, whatever you must do, keep focusing on your intention daily allow it to flow with life.

Do not resist it; this will only make it more complex; allow it to happen to trust yourself that you have the power to manifest your deepest wants and needs intentionally.

Setting an intention either for the day of the month will help you align yourself with your higher self.

Taping into the vibration of intent will create a space of awareness for yourself. It will help you clear out the old web, create a space of light, and bring to the surface what matterz most to you.


I choose courage over comfort and am reminded of my strength I hold through my spiritual compass.

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